Welcome To My Website

An overview of the website’s content, expectations, and work throughout the Spring semester

The goal of this course is to help acquire technical writing abilities that will help  individuals succeed  academic and professional careers. We will examine  the many technical forms used in the engineering field. The activities and assignments are meant enhance the analytical abilities and communication in the  profession. Collaboration is a key element of this process, it provides important information, goals, and ideas in a professional manner through trade and interaction. My personal goal for this website is to showcase the overall progress made in the Spring semester of 2022 and the first step towards pursuing a career in the field of engineering. My name is Konstantinos Gkanas and I’m from Athens, Greece. My passion for engineering was born when I moved to the United States back in 2015. At the City College of New York I have the opportunity to learn a lot of lessons regarding the field and its expectations and I will try to showcase my progress as best as possible. Welcome!

The Grove School of Engineering at CCNY